Online M.A. in Integrative Health

Classes start 8/24/2020

Prepare to heal mind, body, and spirit with Georgian Court University’s interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Integrative Health. Offered online or at our historic Lakewood, NJ campus, the M.A. in Integrative Health combines Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness. Over the course of this program, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of practices as you develop a personal philosophy of practice that accounts for principles of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellness. The M.A. in Integrative Health is a 36-credit program consisting of 12 courses. It can be completed in as few as two years of online study. We also offer a non-degree graduate certificate option consisting of at least 18 credits (six courses) for those who wish to enhance their skillset in this field without committing to a master’s degree. After graduation, you will be equipped to pursue a variety of career options in complementary or alternative health care—or enhance your current role within mainstream health care.

Career Opportunities for M.A. in Integrative Health Graduates

Demand for holistic health care that integrates alternative and mainstream approaches is rising. Patients and clients increasingly recognize the benefit of an approach to wellness that goes beyond treating symptoms, taking in diet, spiritual practices, connections to others, and respect for the environment. With our M.A. in Integrative Health, you will gain knowledge and experience in energy medicine, counseling techniques, Ayurveda, nutrition, homeopathy, and more.

Required Courses for the M.A. in Integrative Health

The M.A. in Integrative Health program is made up of 12 courses covering 36 credits of advanced business education. Courses include:

  • HH500 Anatomy and Physiology: A Holistic Approach
  • HH501 Foundations of Holistic Healing
  • HH502 Advanced Healing Methods
  • HH515 Holistic Stress Management
  • HH520 Energy Medicine
  • HH525 Holistic Perspectives: Counseling Techniques
  • HH530 Research Methods
  • HH555 Holistic Spirituality
  • HH599 Project in Integrative Health

Electives (Choose Three Options)

  • HH535 Eastern Approaches to Nutrition
  • HH540 Humor and Healing
  • HH545 Ayurvedic Approach to Mind Body Healing
  • HH550 Healing Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Movement, and Journaling
  • HH560 Native American Medicine
  • HH565 Homeopathy
  • HH570 Special Topics in Integrative Health

Georgian Court Certificate in Integrative Health

Choose at least six courses from the curriculum above (a minimum of 18 credits). This program option can be completed in as few as 11 months of online study. Please note that program requirements, including courses and course schedules, are subject to change. For more information, please contact

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