BA in English

Bachelor of Arts in English

Prepare for a wide variety of career paths with Georgian Court University’s Bachelor of Arts in English degree-completion program. This degree offers you the opportunity to strengthen your critical thinking skills, communication skills, and research capabilities – qualities any employer values in a candidate. You also have the option to take the courses you need to gain certification as a K-6 teacher with a New Jersey Teacher of Students with Disabilities endorsement. This program, offered via our Brookdale Community College partnership in Hazlet, features experiential learning along with a foundation of literature, culture, and the liberal arts. Classes take place a few times a week in the evening, so you can continue to meet your home and work responsibilities while you study.

Career Opportunities for English Majors

An English degree equips you for success in a wide range of industries and also prepares you for graduate education. You may qualify for career opportunities in:

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Administration
  • Publishing
  • Journalism
  • Marketing and public relations

While you’re earning your English degree with Georgian Court, you will have the option to take elective courses in other fields that further expand your marketable skills. And, if you choose to pursue education courses, you can also prepare for a career teaching elementary school in New Jersey.

Required Courses for the English Major

Our Bachelor of Arts in English at Hazlet is a degree completion program designed for students who hold an A.A. degree or have at least 60 transferable college credits. You can transfer a maximum of 75 credits from Brookdale or another two-year institution to your program at Georgian Court. We will accept up to 90 total credits from all sources. You will need a minimum of 120 credits total to graduate. The exact courses you take may vary depending upon where you previously studied. However, there is a 39-credit core curriculum all students are required to complete. Courses include:

  • EN300 Gateways to Literary Study (3 credits)

Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature (choose one course from the following options):

  • EN312 Heroes, Myths, and Monsters: Anglo-Saxon Literature (3 credits)

  • EN313 Violence, Sex, and the Quest for Self: Medieval Literature (3 credits)

  • EN314 Chaucer (3 credits)

Renaissance Literature (choose one course from the following options):

  • EN301 Shakespeare I (3 credits)
  • EN302 Shakespeare II (3 credits)
  • EN315 Shakespeare and the Theater of Violence and Obsession (3 credits)

British Literature (choose one course from the following options):

  • EN316 17th-Century Literature (3 credits)
  • EN317 18th-Century Literature (3 credits)
  • EN318 Romantic Literature (3 credits)
  • EN319 Victorian Literature (3 credits)
  • EN325 Modern British Literature (3 credits)
  • EN326 Contemporary British Literature (3 credits)

American Literature (choose one course from the following options):

  • EN310 American Drama (3 credits)
  • EN321 American Renaissance (3 credits)
  • EN322 American Realism (3 credits)
  • EN323 Modern American Literature (3 credits)
  • EN324 Contemporary American Literature (3 credits)
  • EN327 Make It New: Modern American Poetry (3 credits)

Multi-Ethnic Literature (choose one course from the following options):

  • EN370 Pacific Crossings: Asian-American Literature (3 credits)
  • EN375 Natives & Strangers: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S. (3 credits)
  • EN376 We Are Made of Words: Native American Literatures (3 credits)
  • EN418 African Diaspora (3 credits)

Senior Seminar (both courses required):

  • EN429 Bookends: A Global Literature Seminar (3 credits)
  • EN430 Senior Seminar (3 credits)

Electives (choose five more courses from any listed above)

Required Courses for the Dual Elementary Teacher Certification and Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement

Georgian Court University’s teacher training curriculum includes clinical experience (observing a master teacher) and clinical practice (full-time student teaching). Throughout your program, you will have the support of a GCU advisor as well as your school site supervisor.

Learn more about the completion of the teacher certification process.

  • Accommodations, Modifications, and Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities
  • Collaborative Planning with Family, School and Community Partners for Elementary and Special Educators
  • Educational Assessment
  • Elementary Education Clinical Practice
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Instructing Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Instruction in ELA and Literacy I in Inclusive Elementary Education and Special Education
  • Instruction in Literacy II and Social Studies in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education
  • Instructional Design and Technology Integration in Inclusive Elementary Education
  • Numeracy in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education
  • Reflective Practice in Elementary and Special Education
  • Science and Technology in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education

Please note that program requirements, including courses and course schedules, are subject to change.

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