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Transfer Credit Policies – Georgian Court University at Hazlet

All of our GCU at Hazlet students have worked hard before they enroll with us. We go the extra mile to recognize that hard work with some of the most transfer-friendly admissions policies in the state. We accept credit from courses in which you earned at least a C or better. Sources of transfer credit may include:

  • Accredited colleges and universities
  • New Jersey community colleges
  • Credit by examination, including CLEP and DSST (formerly DANTES) examinations—however, we limit the total number of credits from all examination sources to 30 credits.

You can transfer a maximum of 75 credits from Brookdale or another two-year institution to your program at Georgian Court. We will accept up to 90 total credits from all sources.

Transfer Policy

If you earned an associate degree from a New Jersey community college with a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.0, you are eligible to have credits transferred under our transfer policy.

  • Your community college general education program credits will be transferred in full to satisfy a minimum of 45 (A.A.), 30 (A.S.), or 20 (other associate degree) credits of the GCU General Education requirements.
  • Only courses in which you achieved grade of C or higher are eligible for transfer.
  • Courses transferred as part of the community college’s general education program that have GCU general education equivalents will be transferred as those equivalent courses. Other general education courses required by the community college will be transferred as general education electives.
  • If you have GCU transfer credit for the equivalent of EN111 and EN112, you will not have to take additional writing intensive courses to satisfy our writing requirement.
  • All GCU students must either transfer in or take courses in the following four categories: religious studies, women’s and gender studies; ethics; capstone (GEN400).
  • All GCU students must earn a minimum of 42 credits in general education and complete the experiential learning requirements. If you did not earn a total of 42 general education credits after completing the four common intellectual experience courses, you must choose additional courses to satisfy the general education requirements.
  • We will not waive any general education courses required for your major program.

Credit by Examination

GCU accepts a total of 30 credits from all testing sources combined. We publish a table describing which exams we consider for credit, the scores you must achieve, and the equivalent GCU courses your credits will count as equivalent for in our Undergraduate Catalog.

Please visit the Undergraduate Catalog to review the full Credit by Testing Policy along with Table II-C (CLEP exams) and Table II-D (DSST exams).

Estimate Your Credits Before You Apply

We strongly encourage you to visit to gauge approximately how many of your courses may transfer before you begin your application. If you have questions about transfer credit eligibility or any of our admissions requirements for the Hazlet program, please contact our Office of Admissions at 732-987-2770 or e-mail

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